3/8" Composite Twin Pawl Ratchet



  • Strongest 3/8" Mini Ratchet in its class!
  • 90 ft-lb Loosening torque
  • Durable twin pawl mechanism
  • Fast rundown 280 RPM
  • Patented quiet tuned exhaust (82 dBa)
  • Feather trigger for control
  • Ergonomically designed housing
  • Most comfortable trigger lever in the industry


  • Square Drive (in.)
  • Max. Torque (ft-lb)
  • Free Speed (RPM)
  • Bolt Capacity (in.)
  • Weight (lbs.)
  • Length (in.)
  • Air Cons. (CFM)
  • Rec. Hose Size (in.)
  • Air Inlet (in.) NPT/BSP

12 Customer Reviews

Joseph - 2/27/2018

Never seen such power in a product my first air rachet im in the industrial maintenance and use it to rebuild cylinders and it works amazing

Matt Neumaker - 5/2/2013

This is my fifth product with air cat and I am very satisfied. This ratchet is very quiet and very strong I love it and would recommend it.

Don R - 5/2/2013

This little air ratchet is very impressive to say the least.over powers and over works the blue point craftsman and ingersol rand ratchets,@90 ft pounds I'm very happy with this ratchet,very quiet also.

Michael Shawver - 6/4/2012

Good morning.
> My name is Michael Shawver and in the last 4 months I have bought a 3/8 and 1/4 inch drive air ratchet as well as a 1/2 inch drive impact (nitro cat 1200) from your company. Over years I have owned and used a number of different brands and have never been as impressed as I have been with your products. Your air ratchets have yet to get stuck on a bolt our nut and your impact has out performed the big red you can get through another dealer. In short you guys have an amazing product and I look forward to more great tools from you.
Michael Shawver

cordcutter - 4/17/2012

The handle on it is a little bulkier than most other 3/8 air ratchets, that is the only thing i don't care for, but isn't a big issue. The power is awesome and it is so quiet i can't believe it makes as much power as it does

John - 4/17/2012

Love this ratchet. Lots quieter than Craftsman and most others I have used. This is the second Air Cat product I have purchased and am very pleased with both.Certainly recommend.

jlboygenius - 12/28/2011

The description is right, this thing is QUIET. I've used ones in a shop and a friend's craftsman, this is MUCH quieter. The on/off CHEWW noise that all air ratchet's make is normal loudness, but the running noise is very quiet.
Has a nice button on the handle to control the power, you don't have to worry about putting it down on the switch and having it turn on.

Very powerful and easy to use.

brothergc - 12/28/2011

This is a great air ratchet , very powerful . In fact my last aircat ratchet but the dust after 2 years of service and I am VERY hard on air tools as I am a professional auto Tech and use this about everyday so when my old one bit the dust I went back and got a new one. I have owned several other brands including snap on and high End IR ratchets costing three times the price , and the air cat out lived and $325 snap on and $250 IR . Don't waste money on anything else

Konstantin - 12/7/2011

Powerful 3/8" air ratchet! It's a lot quieter than any other brands. I call other air ratchets "screamers" because this one is so much quieter.

sgle - 12/7/2011

Had to replace air ratchet for grinding shop, employees were pleased with purchase and felt that it would be a better fit for their work as some have used other products from this line.

Stephan - 4/2/2011

I just bought one of these last week and I love it. Plenty of power and compared to my old air ratchet this thing is whisper-quiet.

Davemb - 12/16/2010

This was the first Aircat product I had bought and I was not disappointed. Lots of power and noticeably quieter then 2 other brands I've used in the past. I have no regrets."

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