Impact Wrenches


3/4" "Heavy Duty" Impact Wrench



  • Durable hard hitting twin hammer mechanism
  • 1,400 ft-lb Loosening torque
  • Best suited for bus, large truck, tractor, large agricultural service vehicles, mining, construction and industrial bolt assembly
  • High performance motor maximizes torque output
  • Patented ergonomically designed handle


  • Square Drive (in.)
  • Air Cons. (CFM)
  • Bolt Capacity (in.)
  • Air Inlet (in.) NPT/BSP
  • Rec. Hose Size (in.)
  • Weight (lbs.)
  • Length (in.)
  • Free Speed (RPM)
  • Impacts Per Minute (IPM)
  • Max. Torque (ft-lb)

60 Customer Reviews

joseph smith - 5/18/2016

the 1055-th is grate works well great for tight fit spots that you cant get to with outher impacts would recomend to any one in the automotive and heavy diesel world

josh - 3/20/2016

excellent value for an excellent gun. blows all the Ingersoll rand guns in the shop out of the water and it never fails to get stuck bolts off that they wont! I have personally used this gun for two years and it performs as strong as the day I bought it, just oil it daily and grease it bi-weekly and it will last! definitely plan on buying several more air tools from aircat! my only concern with this gun is that it is very hard to feather the trigger as it is touchy and its either go or no! no big deal though, great gun for a great price!

Spencer - 2/11/2016

Great impact gun. I work on a wide variety of vehicles and this fits every need. Not too heavy, very quiet (had to silence my old tool and this one is as quiet stock), feather trigger for easy speed control. Breaks every bolt loose, durable body. Nothing but great things to say.

Wycliff - 12/24/2015

What an amazing little gun!! I bought the 1150 about two months ago and when I saw the specs on the 1055 I had to have it...I was not disappointed to say the least. I don't know how you guys are getting so much power out of such a little gun but thanks and keep up the good work, you're making my job just a little bit easier.

Steven - 12/6/2015

This gun, is absolutely amazing. After having used an Aircat 1200k, this 1250k is no slouch.

Everyone loves how quiet it is, it makes working in the early AM so much nicer when you don't have loud ass guns raping your ears.

Having the 1250k, I have the most powerful gun in the shop. No snap on, no ingersoll rand, no matco, no cornwell gun gets close to the power of this gun. The other techs always ask me to use my gun for a "quick second" to get 1 bolt out their gun just can't handle. The 1250k always comes to the rescue!

If you are in the market for a super powerful and quiet impact, this will be your love life.

Mark Rackley - 11/17/2015

Hi from across the pond I am a heavy plant mechanic in the UK and i recently imported a 1777 I am so pleased with this beastie its awesome for removing and replacing head bracket bolts on Hydraulic breakers and Undercarriage components on Excavators ....... top marks !!!

MJ - 11/15/2015

This is the best impact gun I have ever used. I routinely adapt it up to 3/4 drive and it seldom fails to break stuff loose. It is hard to "feather" so if I'm worried about breaking something, I grab a less powerful tool, like my old half dead IR impact wrench. No mechanic should be without one. Only problem I have with it is my compressor (60 gal tank) can't keep up with it, and that is my problem not the gun's.

Alex K - 9/12/2015

I am a certified mechanic in the state of Michigan, and this gun is perfect for our climate! In Michigan they dump salt over the roads all winter, which rusts out cars. This gun is not afraid of rusted bolts. I still have yet to find any bolt that this gun cannot remove! It is very rugged, and has been dropped from toolbox height too many times to count, yet it still remains functional. This gun beats the Ingersoll Rand Titanium on every level. It is on the same playing field as he most powerful Snap On guns - for less than half the price! This is a great tool to own. I'm never buying anything other than a NitroCat when it comes to air tools from now on! You've got me SOLD.

Matthew k - 9/8/2015

Incredible gun.. If this gun won't break a nut free it will break it off I use mine a bit excessively and it just takes it..

Robin - 8/28/2015

I have imported one of these 1/4 rachets to the netherlands.. It really sucks that here in europe we cant buy from aircat.. Because of the beloved reviews ill really like to tried it out myself, so i ordered on online. About the torque i really cant tell much, because its the first one i used ever.. But its notable that it sounds not very exaggerated.. For now iam just be happy with it.. Only have to see how long it lasts before it will worn out.

Rafael - 8/10/2015

I had a snap on 1/2 impact and thought impacts were supposed to be loud until i found my nirtocat will out torque any impact out there and is so quiet compared to the IR or snap on guns loves my aricat would strongly recommend to anyone looking for an impact.

Joe D - 7/16/2015

I work at a shop on saturdays and when i decided to take a vacation day from normal job and make a little extra cash. Everyone at shop who are older techs that have been around impact guns for years swore up and down snap on and matco is the only way to go for impacts, Well after about 2 months of shopping around i decided on the aircat 1150 and it is by far the most powerfull gun in the shop i have convinced 2 others in shop to buy them. I love it and will be buying more products from aircat

alan - 6/19/2015

This is lightweight, sturdy, and powerful. It removed two 36mm nuts that bent a breaker bar with a 3ft cheater attached. I should have gotten this years ago. Aircat is awesome quality.

dave ozeck - 6/18/2015

l very quite low vibration good power so far 3 months going strong

dave ozeck - 6/18/2015

very quite powerfull so far going strong a mazing low vibration smooth super quite

Christopher Lessner - 6/8/2015

I work for Cat and use it very regularly and it has done more then i have ever expected out of this 1/2 inch gun and if it wont break it loose go ahead and get the 1 inch gun out. Highly recommend

ROB - 6/6/2015


Big Z - 5/29/2015

Another amazing product by Aircat. Light, strong and durable. I use this gun taking out wheel seized wheel nuts. Only draw back is the trigger. It get stuck sometimes when i pull on the trigger.

Big Z - 5/29/2015

This ratchet is amazing money well spent. I've been using this ratchet for past 3 years it still hasn't failed me so far. Quiet and plenty of power and the price is also good. I have used a lot of other ratchets they are loud, uncomfortable and even unreliable. This one is to and should fill out the warranty papers and mail it to them so if anything does go wrong. Warranty got you covered.

Chris - 5/6/2015

I'm an Import Specialist in the Heart of the Salt Belt. Rust never sleeps. Had a nice little CP for years before the aluminum case split open hammering off an axle nut. Picked this gun up (about 3 years ago, now) on Amazon for just over $170. 5 Stars. Easy. I can hear myself think when in use and I can snap fasteners with the best of them.

Couple things to note. 1) Keep it oiled but be conservative. A few drops a day and a couple during heavy use was enough to ruin the front seal.
2) The anvil does wear out if your impact sockets are getting loose and egged out. Couple months of heavy use (tire season is rough) and the corners started twisting. C clip on the end gets flat and square quick.

Other than that little stuff, this is my favorite gun I've used. Packs a real punch and its very comfortable. 10+ sets of tires in a day and my wrist can't tell the difference. Will be investing in the 1250 if this one ever dies. Simple answer: Buy it

Randy - 4/26/2015

Bought the Aircat for an upcoming project. Project got scrapped for a couple of years. Picked up the impact after two years in the box, and I can't even break lug nuts off a VW Golf. I have to break things with my 18" breaker bar, then spin them off with this impact. Looks high quality, feels high quality, but best results are with my breaker bar.



DC - 4/5/2015

Bought the 1150 and a IR thinking the AirCat may break since it was cheaper than the IR. Boy was I wrong, the AirCAt did everything it was supposed to do-loosen front diff, crossmember frames, idler arm bracket, etc., just to get to the stupid oil pan. It blew the battery powered Makita impact wrench I have. finished the job quicker than I thought so I returned the IR and kept the AirCat in my tool chest, awaiting the next adventure. I told my friend about it and he uses it all the time in lieu of his Snap On. Thank you AirCat for an awesome impact wrench.

JACK - 4/3/2015

Hits harder and faster than my old 1200k! here's my video of it in action

Steven - 3/31/2015

Love this gun. Had it for over a month now and it cannot disappoint me. I keep it lubed every day no questions asked and it does its job flawlessly.

I originally had the 1200k which was as brilliant impact. This 1250k is even better. More quiet from what my ears tell me, and yet seems to have more power. Pretty brilliant technology. Love the color scheme too.

Coworkers still scoff at me for using aircat tools, first the 1200k, now the 1250k. They think that because of the amazing price, it must be junk. Yet I still prove them wrong when their snap-on or cornwell tools impact that are 200-350 dollars more expensive cannot handle the job, I walk over with my 1250k and boop, off comes whatever their guns couldn't handle. It really is a power house. Not to mention the quietness. Louder guns can't even compare. Normally in the car world "loud" can mean fast, open flow intake, open flow exhaust, a good tune, and boom, more power. In the case of airguns, nothing wrong with quiet, especially when it can outclass more expensive tools.

I am an aircat user for life. As long as they keep making brilliant tools, I will never stop buying them. Especially if they keep their super fair prices!

JACK - 3/28/2015

WOW! This thing hits harder and faster then my 1200K! Should last me a long time, had my 1200K for 7yrs now and still hitting like the day I got it. Please come out with a cordless that hits this hard and take my money!

joel - 3/16/2015

the best 1/2 gun in the world.

Beth - 3/2/2015

Love this tool!

Steven - 2/28/2015

I got this thing 5 years ago, and man, what a brilliant impact gun.

First off, the price, at the time I had paid 140 because apparently my matco tool guy had ordered the wrong gun and instead of returning it, he claimed he sold it to me at cost, which seemed semi-legit since I saw it online at the time for much more than 140.

Everyone at my shop laughed at me, "what a joke", "that thing is a pos", "it sounds like it has no balls." So one day my tech was having trouble with a bolt using his ingersoll titanium which "is the best ever" in his eyes. I walked over with my gun and said "give it a shot" and he snickered, said "whatever, its not gonna work" and after only a few short seconds the bolt came free, as apposed to him hammering on the bolt with his IR. He couldn't believe it, he was so in shock he couldn't admit my gun was any good, he claimed his gun was old and he don't take care of it. Denial. Since then I have put the 1200k up against snap on impacts, cornwell impacts, ingersol, and even other "off brand" impacts, and my 1200k whoops their ass every day of the week.

Sadly I had it rebuilt once, sent it in on the matco truck since it was under warranty, of course I never had one apart so I had no clue how they worked, but when I got the gun back it was lacking in power. I couldn't explain it. I just assumed they rebuilt it with lesser quality parts. The tag on the gun said $130 for the repair yet I was only charged $65 which made me think even more so that it was rebuilt with lessor quality parts. Turns out there is no such thing as lessor quality parts. As of recent the gun has had zero balls. I went online and found the schematics and also read the page where it said the front house gets lubed with 5w30 via the set screw. So I figured "maybe it needs an oil change", I laughed and opened the set screw. Upon turning the hole downward, NOTHING came out. Shined a flash light in, bone dry. So I added some 5w30 conventional to the gun. The next day it seemed worse, so I decided to take it apart since it no longer has a warranty. Upon opening it, the oil I had put in mixed with all the metal shavings in the housing from not having oil in it for 2 years (thanks matco and whoever rebuilt it) and it gummed up everything. So I used eco friendly parts cleaner to get out all the gunk and metal. Turns out I need a new cam, there is a huge gash in the side of it where it engages the hammer pins, so only 1 pin is engaging. shake my head. I have the part ordered from my new cornwell guy and when it gets here I will rebuild the little devil. I also plan to use some 5w30 full synthetic when I do rebuilt it, just so that I know sheering forces will be controlled vs conventional or semi-synthetic. This gun when working correctly is the strongest ever, even using a 65 ft pound yellow torque stick at the end, it can still force 100 ft pounds of torque or more into a lug nut, verified by using a torque wrench after. It is amazing. I plan on saving up to get the 1250k, the newer version, and keeping the 1200k on the side for emergencies, or home use.

I hope aircat/nitrocat keep up the fantastic build quality and craftsmenship. The 1200k is not only powerful, but holding it is more comfortable than anything I can imagine, I almost want to call it luxury because you can hold it for long hammering periods and not get fatigued like other guns, and it doesn't dig into your purlicue (the spot between your thumb and forefinger) like other guns either. I am a aircat user for life as long as they keep up the brilliant work.

Jason - 2/18/2015

I startes with the 1150 impact gun loved it! Bought the the 1355 xl impact loved it! Came time for a new air ratchet it was a no brainer. This air ratchet is the best! About to buy the 1/2 drill soon!

Allen - 2/10/2015

Excellent gun when it comes to weight, handling, and POWER. However I just dropped mine for probably the 20th+ time and the housing broke at the top of the pistol grip. Cannot repair and being this has been discontinued I haven't been able to find a replacement housing. The one I found was overpriced when I can buy a new gun for another $70. Will I buy again? Definitely. Just disappointed that I can't repair this one. I loved this gun!

John Hannel - 2/9/2015

I just got this impact today! Thank you for such an awesome tool to put in my box.

John Hannel - 2/9/2015

Just got this AWESOME impact today! I put it to the test, up against a 1/2 drive Snap-on impact. This little beauty took every thing the other guys put it in way and wanted more! Thank you for such an awesome tool to put in my box. Folks if you do not have one, This is the one!

tommy flynn - 1/31/2015

i love power of this gun. i am a trash truck mechanic and we go threw alot of tires and brakes and we torque lug nuts to 500flb. this gun is the best i have found. i pull off 20 or more tires a day 6 days a week and this gun does not break the anvil twists and wares in5 to 6 months of use. if you use this much watch the socket where shows some ware change it out. but normal use it should last a long time. don't use it on car tire lug nu

Balzafun - 1/29/2015

I have used this gun for well over a year. It has never failed to work as well as the day i bought it.
I've used it daily in a tire store, for home projects, mobile mechanic work so it is good for most any environment. At the tire store I worked for it was called on to remove axle nuts that brand "S" and brand "M" guns could not budge! great for the money!!

Kaden Donnay - 1/8/2015

THIS PRODUCT IS AWESOME. My coworker was trying to remove a rear dual on a service semi with a 3/4" heavy duty Ingersoll Rand impact wrench. The bolts are reversed threaded so the wrench had to use its forward torque to loosen them. He came and told me that the 3/4" would not budge the rusty nuts so I decided to try out the 1250K. I went a tried the 3/4" for myself to substantiate his claim, the nuts would not budge. I put a 1/2" to 3/4" adapter on the 1250K and started to pound away, I removed all the wheel nuts in about 10 seconds per nut. Don't spend your hard earned money on any other impact, buy a Aircat.

Jason - 12/26/2014

This is one great impact gun i also have the 1355-xl nitrocat it is also great and this week im buying the 3/8 air ratchet if you buy any of the Aircat brand you wont be sorry they are the best better than craftsman, cornwell, IR, Snap On all of them

Jason - 12/26/2014

This is one great impact gun i also have the 1355-xl nitrocat it is also great and this week im buying the 3/8 air ratchet if you buy any of the Aircat brand you wont be sorry they are the best better than craftsman, cornwell, IR, Snap On all of them

Ty - 11/12/2014

Killer impact, it is so nice to get something that is actually better then advertised!
Have been a dealership Journeymen for about 20 years and have gone through several "brand" impacts and the 1375 byfar exceeds for weight saving's , quietness, and brute torque.
This is a giant killer!

CMR WHOLESALE, - 11/10/2014

We have sold MANY of the model #1620 3/4" Impact Wrench. Customers like the power to weight ratio, as well as the very good price point on this tool. Great job Aircat !!

bradley - 8/31/2014

Ok, so here we go, i work in fleet maintenance diesel shop. I was doing my research on a gun that i have been needing for some time. I have a 1/2" IR and it gets the big jobs done with ease. Very satisfied, but for those hard to reach jobs i have been looking into 3/8 for a little bit. So the snapon dealer comes by so often and have been testing out the brand 3/8 and liked it but for 400 bucks i felt i was going to pay for the name no tge tool. Then i saw a demo with a aircat as a underdog compared to snap on and IR. Air cat won qith flying colors. So when snapon came back i put an order in for the aircat. To see the look on his face with such disbelief he said i was making a mistake. So a bet insued apon delivery that his brand would out perform mine. So long story short i was giving a 20% off on my impact and the respect from a snapon rep. This gun is a must have and out does big names brands...

Bo Mack - 8/19/2014

I've been turning wrenches for 30 years and I've seen all name brands of torque wrenches come and go...ALL claiming to be the best.....HANDS DOWN.....replaced the IR Titanium....this one is the real deal....I also own it's 3/8 little brother.
Looking to get the even smaller 1/4

nate - 8/16/2014

I love this light weight monster air hammer. Have had it a year or two and the only flaw I have found is the muffler cap pops off every time I use it. Other than that it's hard hitting action will make your jaw drop for the size of this hammer of the gods!

Robert - 8/11/2014

This impact is honestly unbelievable, your will not find a bolt this thing can't take off. It is very quite and very smooth. I had a axle nut my buddies IR max couldn't budge....This impact laughed at the same bolt.

Caleb - 7/26/2014

I've had this gun for awhile now and I'm pretty satisfied with it. I use it instead of an inch impact just because it's lighter, smaller and can do the same jobs. I use it on tractor/trailer tires, trailer U bolts, enormous oilfield pumps, just whatever. If it can't take it off, it's time to bring out the cutting torch. It gets borrowed A LOT, and it's out done a coworker ' s IR 2145QiMax 3/4 a couple of times. It seems to me the only thing stronger than it is an inch impact, but like I said, it can still do the job of an inch impact. The cons I would say about it is its big, bulky, and heavy, but then again it is a 3/4 impact gun. Also with mine at one point I had to tighten the allen screws on it because air was leaking between the body and back plate and hammer case. Other than that, I like it, glad I bought it. I would go back and buy again. All i can say is we have about 3 or 4 shop inch impacts, and a few of us have 3/4 impacts. With all that firepower there's a reason mine r gets borrowed A LOT, sometimes by people who already tried their 3/4 gun on whatever they're working on.

Clint - 7/26/2014

Picked this up last week week and put my ir2135 aside, i have been upgradi g my ir collection with air cat for a year and am still amazed from the low noise and performance of these units, the 1/2" is a power house not to mention a the lightning fast speed and comfortable handle, it has a perfect balance and is great to use all day long. I just got it and do not regret it yet will find out next week when doing an engine and a 1 ton rear diff will write another review . Thanks aircat for the quality powerhouse line i am now using

Jobes - 7/26/2014

I did my homework on this gun and decided to get it.
A coworker had just bought a new SO gun for about $300 more dollars than what I snagged this one for.
He was very impressed with the light weight and how quiet it was..
The first job it got was loosening a 2 1/4 " nut off a bolt that we had previously torqued to a good 950 lbs.
Using an adaptor to get me up to a 3/4" drive, I had to lay on it for under a minute before I started to see movement.
After that, took off 3 more and am quite pleased.. Looks like AirCat is the name I will stick with from here on out..

paul - 7/13/2014

this is one of the most tool used in my tool box on top of your alls 3/8 impact just the other day i took off all 10 lug nuts on a semi that was put on about a month ago with a 1in gun and this is the North Dakota Oilfeild If anyone else has been a diesel tech out here yall know how it is i now own 3 of your products and i will be buyin every single air tool i need from yall

Jason - 7/9/2014

This is a good impact. HOWEVER the snap on 1/2 may be rated for less power but for some reason is a good bit more powerful I am a tractor mechanic so i deal with tight rusty bushog bolts so. But it is crazy that my 1295 lbs gun is less powerful that my coworkers snap on rated for less than 1,000

Nathan - 6/25/2014

After being embarrassed in the shop by not being able to break loose some lug bolts on an Audi with my Husky 1/2 impact, which was supposed to have 800lb/ft of torque I started looking for a better impact. I looked at Matco, mac and IR, but the price for the power just didn't compare to Aircat. After receiving my shinny new 1250-k I proudly strolled back to the shop looking for redemption and low and behold a late model Jeep. One of the other tech was afraid that since the axle nuts were so rusty that he might not be able to remove or put them back on. So I busted out the 1250 and blew them on and off like nothing. I short if you need a good impact and at a great price look not further.

David Sanchez - 6/21/2014

I've owned my 1150K for about a year and half now. Under heavy use at a repair shop the tool has worked very well. There has only been a small handful of times where I had to break out a 3/4" gun for fasteners. The only only thing that I could see being improved is the feathering ability of the trigger like when a fastener needs to driven very slowly the tool could be better but for the money and the performance I have seen it is a great tool!

paola - 6/14/2014

great product.

Jeff Jarvis - 6/11/2014

Works Great, Low noise as stated and great torque as stated no problems yet. Used for machine building, used for 1/2" hole saw in metal and 3/4 holes

Kelly Hahn - 6/11/2014

Built strong, and the strongest impact I have ever tested and uses in a shop environment. Comfortable, too. This one gets a 5 star rating from me. I'd put it up against ANY 1/2" impact wrench for torque.....ANY!

Chuck Mahanna - 6/5/2014

This impact is far superior to any impact I have owned! I work in the Industrial Heating and Cooling industry and have owned my fair share of impact guns. I have also owned the NitroCat 1200, but to my astonishment, this impact has lasted longer and is very much stronger than that gun. I would recommend this impact to anyone in need of a hard hitting Impact with loads of torque! Well worth the money!!

Greg - 5/2/2013

Working on big coal hauling trucks you have to have an impact that will torque the bolts very tight and this imp[act has the most torque in its class. It was recommended by a friend and seems to do a good job. I would recommend it if you have some serious work to do and need to get it done fast.

Howard Smith - 5/2/2013

I just bought one these wrenches to replace a Bluepoint 3/4 impact and before the Bluepoint I owned an IR261. First of all, I put 3/4 drive impacts through alot of abuse, I am a Caterpillar Technician that works on Mining Equipment from 994 Loaders, 793 Haul Trucks and etc, with big bolts to turn. My Bluepoint crapped out on me in the middle of rebuilding the center hitch on a 793D Haul Truck, and the center hitch bolts have a 1-7/8 head. They torque to 400 ft lbs with an additional torque turn of 60 degrees which means there is about 1200 ft lbs total torque on each of the twelve bolts. I used the 1680 to torque turn the bolts and it done the job without a hitch, not to mention that the vibration and the noise was way less than the Bluepoint or IR. This thing is like a 1" gun in a 3/4" package. It is heavier than the composite models, but much stronger. I am sold!! As long as you oil the gun like your supposed to oil all air tools it should last as long as any IR. I have used IR for years, and the AirCat is the only gun other than IR with equal power with less noise and vibration. I would recommend that any Tech in any market give this one a try.

Ryan Stemkoski - 5/2/2013

Great product.

WD - 2/16/2013

this is a bad*$$ impact gun. the strongest 3/4 drive i have ever used for sure, it has never let me down working on heavy equiment and diesel engines. turns anything you throw at it.

Robert berthold - 9/30/2012

I use to bleed. Ingersall rand. Use to!! This gun kicked the crap out of anything on the market. This gun has been used and abused. And put up wet. Still runs. After 6months. I broke a hammer. Expected doing 500 to 1000 bolts a day. And they begged for me to send it in under warranty. Great price. Excellent gun. If u don't try this gun. Ur a moron and I still recommend ingersall to my competition.

JimH - 2/8/2012

This tools has some Balls!! Not for the weak wrist-ed! I'm impressed with the power - takes off anything in our Heavy Equipment shop....compact and powerful

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