Impact Wrenches

Nitrocat 1375-XL

1/2" "Xtreme Power" Impact Wrench



  • The NITROCAT 1375-XL is a no non-sense, hard hitting 1/2" impact wrench that incorporates the twin hammer mechanism
  • Industry leading 700 ft-lb of loosening torque and 1,750 blows per minute
  • Provides all the torque you need and tremendous speed to get the job done
  • Patented quiet tuned exhaust (86 dBA)
  • Patented easy operation flip lever forward & reverse
  • Great for brake calipers, transmission work


  • Square Drive (in.)
  • Air Cons. (CFM)
  • Bolt Capacity (in.)
  • Air Inlet (in.) NPT/BSP
  • Rec. Hose Size (in.)
  • Weight (lbs.)
  • Length (in.)
  • Free Speed (RPM)
  • Impacts Per Minute (IPM)
  • Max. Torque (ft-lb)

11 Customer Reviews

technician839982 - 9/9/2013

I bought this impact after researching the absolute s*** out of a bunch of different ones and settled on this because of it being small and supposedly powerful. It has definately surpassed my expectations; plenty of power and prolonged use isn't a big issue. I've found that in order to get the best performance out of this impact, it needs a 3/8" air line at a minimum. 1/4" line will not cut it. And with the proper care I can see this impact lasting awhile. I will be investing in other Aircat/Nitrocat products. Very pleased.

G. - 7/18/2013

Love this Gun since day one!!! When it comes to wheels, suspension, brakes it's one awesome tool especially in a tight spots where nothing else fits, this one goes in with no problem and get's the job done!!! Struggled only once with the axle nut, but we managed to get it of only with brand new MG725 after quite a bit of struggle ;-) However I prefer NitroCat as it's like a one third the weight of MG725 @ like 80% power 900 lbs/ft VS 1190 lbs/ft of torque. Great everyday use tool doesn't kill your hands, can get in pretty much anywhere where other's can't and very comfortable. When I got this one I got rid out of my I*gersol impacts, let the other fellas in the shop believe them ;-) Now can't wait to get NitroCat 1200K for really heavy duty stuff. Thank you AirCat for the awesome NitroCat series ;-)

Corey - 5/7/2013

This product is light weight and perfect for light duty work. Does not kill your wrist of forearm. Spins very fast. Absolutely love it.

John Woods - 5/2/2013

I have used my nitrocat for about a month now and it has met all my needs very well. Light weight and easy to control

Dave S - 9/13/2012

This wrench is incredible! My crew and I assemble over 600 grain augers annually for dealers, and wear out about two impact wrenches annually. We bought a 1375XL compact Nitro Cat about a month ago, along with a 1000th. We use them both,tightening the smaller bolts with the 1375XL and larger bolts with the 1000th. They are both the most powerful guns we have ever used. Previously, we ran 2135 Ingersols. The IR2135 is raved about, but we found they had less power than the little 1375XL and far less than the 1000th. These Air Cats will both run nicely on a 6hp gas powered compressor without excessive air consumption, though we usually run off a shop compressor. The Ingersol 2135 wrenches use enough air that we find ourselves waiting for the 6hp gas powered compressor to build up frequently. We find ourselves using the compact 1375XL most of the time because it is no bigger than most 3/8" impacts, weighs almost nothing, and will tighten locking nuts on even 5/8" bolts to proper torque.It is important to us to be able to tighten locking nuts in as short a time as possible,and these will do it. Time will tell with reliability, but I am convinced there are no better impacts out there than the Air Cats. The Ingersols are now home in our tool boxes for routine auto maintenance.

AWA2002 - 7/12/2011

I am very happy with this impact. In fact, I have bought 2. I'm not sure about the 700 ft-lb advertised max, but it did break a nut lose that a friend's 500ft-lb Snap on wouldn't. I have easily removed lugs off my truck torqued to 140ft-lbs, and have twisted off a stud on the flange connecting an exhaust manifold to the cat on a car. I like this gun because it can handle all medium-duty jobs, weighs next to nothing, is small enough to get in tight spots, and is super quiet.


This is a mini impact not meant for heavy duty tire repair, that is the reason why 1" impacts are sold. Overall this is a excellent tool when used for it's proper purpose. It has great power for it's size and can fit into those small places when a 3/8 impact just can't get it done. This is a great tool, keep em coming...

Carrie Pierpoint - 10/25/2010

This product is amazing. Would recommend to anyone who designs web sites :)

Ryan Layton - 10/12/2010

Loved this tool, one of the best mini 1/2" around

paul - 8/31/2010

not as powerfull as the two 1/2" full size guns i have and they are rated at 400ftlb and 425ftlb struggles loosening wheelnuts in our tyre bay at least once a day

Josh - 8/31/2010

Just got this baby and talk about light weight. The power and speed are pretty impressive for it's size. I already have the Nitrocat 1200K which I love, it is a pure brute. Both guns are quiet and make me smile every time I pick one up. I wanted something a little smaller for tight spots. And this baby hits the nail on the head. Thanks Aircat for making another amazing tool!

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