Impact Wrenches

Nitrocat 1200-K

1/2" Kevlar Twin Clutch Impact Wrench



  • The NitroCat 1200-K is a no non-sense, hard hitting 1/2" impact wrench that out performs anything in its class!
  • 1,295 ft-lb Loosening torque
  • Hard hitting smooth twin clutch mechanism
  • Durable KevlarTM composite housing
  • Patented ergonomically designed handle
  • Patented quiet tuned exhaust (86 dBA)
  • Patented easy operation flip lever forward & reverse
  • The twin clutch is better suited for heavy duty (frame work, medium to heavy duty trucks)
  • KevlarTM is a trademark of IE DuPont Nemours and Company and/or its assigns


  • Square Drive (in.)
  • Air Cons. (CFM)
  • Bolt Capacity (in.)
  • Air Inlet (in.) NPT/BSP
  • Rec. Hose Size (in.)
  • Weight (lbs.)
  • Length (in.)
  • Free Speed (RPM)
  • Impacts Per Minute (IPM)
  • Max. Torque (ft-lb)

35 Customer Reviews

MGM - 6/15/2018

I was working at an independent shop and there was a stubborn lug nut on a truck and the bosses wife couldn't get the lug off with the typical 1/2 Ingersoll Rand gun and she tried and tried and then finally went to go get the husband. Well I couldn't stand it any more and grabbed my 1200k and in 3 seconds the lug nut came off. In udder defeat she looks at my and said, "well you shouldn't of done that, that gun in too big." my thoughts were its the lug nut or stud get over it. And I do have an assumption that my MAC AW 280q is made buy nitro cat. the guns look almost identical. Great gun and will only buy aircat from now on.

MIke - 12/7/2017

One word greatest. Much more better then the Snapon. I loose every bolt with this machine.

Mr WGT.SR - 10/30/2017

I needed a professional impact wrench to remove the blade bolts on my Land Pride RCR1260 Rotary Cutter. My 500ft lbs craftsman wouldn't do it with my 31 year old craftsman air compressor. I took a chance on buying the nirtocat 1200k online, after reading the reviews. I can honestly say, after giving it time to hammer the bolts, it worked!! I am very pleased with it's performance, and very pleased with the price!! AirCat did a great job manufacturing this, and it's tempting me to buy a new air compressor to see what else I can use it on

John - 8/17/2017

I'm going to go into detail here. Firstly, I'm a truck and coach technician. Work on heavy duty trucks. I had previous competitor brands for 1/2" which after 6 months would lose power and after a year would need a rebuild. After years of that I looked in my parts catalogue and noticed the 1200k. My parts guy said he never really sold many. Decided to try it anyway due to price, that decision was the best I made. The power it has is unbeatable, it's so quiet too. I had that gun for 3 years with absolutely no problems until somebody ran it over, I made my coworkers switch over to aircat by doing comparisons. They couldn't believe it! After that I moved onto the 1250k. Onto the 1" guns, always had IS and CP but same problem, would lose power decided to get the 1994 model, heavy gun but power was incredible. This gun gets tossed around used every single day and takes off any stubborn wheel nut or big bolt. Blew my mind, incredible products all around. Will never buy a different gun again!

Kevin - 2/2/2014

Truck and coach technician working on semi trucks.
I have had this gun and used it for four years now. It has been great for dependability. Nice and quiet too. It would remove bolts most 3/4" drive impacts would do. It need a rebuild almost on its 5th year. Still has ab

Big Z - 11/19/2013

This tool is amazing. It destroys the Mactco impact, Mac AWP050, and other gun. 1150k is my get gun I'll be getting next. One tech at my shop used his awp050 gun to take out a crank pulley bolt off a G8 and Honda's couldn't do it. Used mine less then 15 sec came out. His face reaction was priceless. People sent lots of money on top brands tools like IR and etc. Just because is high price doesn't mean you get your money worth. Half the price twice power and better results. What can you ask more. Amazingly quiet. My neighbors bought this one as well and loves.I have put this gun through a lot tough obstacles and so far its going through them like nothing. I have also bought the 3/8 ratchet as well as the 3/8 impact. JUST AMAZING. My ears are safe aswell!!!

One think I would like to add is I hope they should start making cordless impacts because they would very beneficial sent them through the top.

jon kipp - 11/6/2013

I'ved owned this gun for 5 years now and it will still beat any product from snapon, mac, or matco. way more twistoff power. i've never had a nut or bolt not come out with this gun. Never been rebuilt or serviced. I oil it once a day.

CognitiveRealist - 8/13/2013

The 1200K is the best 1/2" air gun on the market.

John Bob - 8/11/2013

I'm seriously SO IMPRESSED with my 1200K, guys...... absolutely FANTASTIC gun...... little to no vibration, quiet, TONS of power..... thanks for engineering such a practical(features and design) and useful and all-around great tool.

Caleb - 5/12/2013

One of my friend's has had this gun for around 3 years and he thinks it awesome. I didn't get one until I saw it take off ten 1 1/8 head bolts that are 7 inches long and torqued by an inch impact until the socket stops moving. And it did that being 3 years old. I don't think he even oils it like he should. I made a video to see how long it would take mine to take off a rusty lug nut torqued to at least 500 ft lbs on an old kw using a 1/2 to 3/4 adapter and it took 13 seconds. There has been some things that it hasn't been able to budge, but then again, I work on oilfield equipment that is either cemented up, covered in sand and grease or covered in rust from acid and water. A 15/16 head bolt is more of a small size compared to everything else in that line of work. I've been impressed so much that I own the 3/8 nitrocat, cut off, die grinder and right angle die grinder and I plan on getting more. They're all so quiet I love it.

The only thing I don't like about the gun is when its hooked up to air and you need to adjust the torque or go in reverse, the lever is somewhat stiffed than I like. No worries of accidentally going in reverse and what not so its a double edge sword. That and its hard feather the trigger because it's so jumpy. Almost like the only speed it knows balls to the walls. My 3/8 nitro cat is the same so i assume its just how aircat makes the guns.

Andrew - 4/16/2013

I am a Chrysler Technician and my mentor from years ago had a special edition nitro cat impact (but it was endorsed and sold through Mac) and I always had idolized how quiet and strong it was. Never looked for it because I figured it would be $500+ since I thought you had to buy these through a high-dollar tool truck. My current impact is fading so I thought I would skim through and my jaw dropped. I ordered this gun immediately and it is everything I hoped for and more. It is stupid strong, quiet, the grip is incredible, and the best part is was affordable. I WILL be looking for other tools by this company, you can bet on that.

Bill Paris - 10/23/2012

I would 100% recommend this product to any one. I use to have the IR Titanium it kept blowing up. I switched to the AIRCAT and it has more power then any other impact wrench I had ever used. It is also the quietest impact period. The grip is comfortable for long periods of use and it is wieghted very well.

RATED #1 Impact!!!!

Steve - 9/16/2012

Spend the money, get this impact wrench. I've seen people fight stuck bolts with other impact wrenches and then I give them this one and it hammers it 2 times and whizzes the bolt right out. Best gun I've ever seen, used, and definitely owned.

greg dyson - 9/2/2012

This is the most powerful and light weight impact i have ever owned. When others in the shop can not break a bolt loose they come to me to get my nitrocat 1200k. I would hate to part with a tool this valuable an reliable.

mark1715 - 7/10/2012

I have had this wrench for 2 years using it professionally i use it every day and it is still going strong. GREAT WRENCH"

ronmechanic - 7/10/2012

I've owned a lot of impacts in 25yrs and this impact is by far the best one I've had. I've had it for 3yrs now and it still has the same great power it had when I bought it. I've paid as much as $450 for impacts & this one puts them to shame. I would highly recommend it to anyone. One of my co-workers bought the best 1/2in snap-on 1 1/2 years ago for $450 and now he ordered a Nitro cat like mine.

windjrm - 7/10/2012

I recently had a flat fixed on my utility trailer and noticed that they tightened the lug nuts with a one inch impact wrench. When I got it home, I was concerned that my half inch impact wrench would not be able to loosen it. I tried both of my inexpensive half inch impact wrenches and neither would break the first lug nut loose. After reading the reviews and the specs on this wrench, I decided to buy one. WOW! It broke all the lug nuts loose without a strain. It really does have the power that the prior reviews had claimed. I feel sure that it has more power than some 3/4 inch impact wrenches

Brian - 6/26/2012

This was my first AirCat purchase and will not be my last! This is lightweight and extremely powerful all while being whisper quiet compared to the other impacts in my shop, I love it!

shaun griffiths - 6/17/2012

I work as a mechanic at Muffler Man in Saginaw Michigan and have been using snap on and matco tools for years. A friend bought an Aircat 3/8 drive impact and loved it so I thought I'd give em a try. I purchased the nitro cat 1200k and wow, what a gun. Havent found anything it wont loosen or break yet. I plan on purchasing more of the line of aircat tools to fill my box with. I've checked on your site but havent seen any shirts or hats sponsoring Aircat. I'd be interested in purchasing some if they are available. Thanks Shaun

David Ballauer - 5/31/2012

I work for a towing company in Albuquerque,NM as their mech, we run f-650 flatbeds, hino 258 flatbeds, and an international 4300 flatbed, I bought this nitrocat 1200k from one of the tool trucks that stop by and was really impressed with the price, I do almost everything on these tow trucks and when I was sent out because a driver had a flat, I took my 1200k, these wheels were put on at a commercial tire shop with a 1 inch impact and my 1/2 inch gun pulled those lugnuts off with no problem, of course my boss didn't believe me untill I was working on one of the trucks at the yard and I showed him. He had just bought a 1 inch gun for the shop about 2 months ago and told me "I'm taking it back, don't need it", he was amazed to say the least. I have since bought a nitrocat 1355-xl 3/8 drive gun and am getting ready the get the aircat 3/8 and 1/4 air rachets. I am completely sold on how well these air tools work and how quiet they are! I hope you come out with a nitrocat 3/4 gun with kevlar composite, I will buy one if you do. An extremely satified customer. Thank you for a great air tool! David

Hunter - 5/8/2012

This gun is great.I work for a trucking company and i use this gun every day.I can pull the lugs off of any thing that pulls in the shop from skidders to over the road tractors.great product.

THOMAS - 4/17/2012

I'm a road dog(field service) for an allison dealer. I need to carry one gun under the truck and come back with 20 hrs of labor done in 8 hrs. This gun can do that, and is quieter than my old IR titanium. be careful getting use to it, it's hammer action is quicker than the IR, so it will snap hardware quick if you let it.

Ryan - 12/28/2011

I love this impact. After I got it out of the box, I tested it out at work. I pulled two rusted up lug nuts off of a freightliner in about 5 seconds. The guys I work with were surprised at the power this gun has, and I was too for that matter. And it is so quiet. The blows on the nuts and bolts make more noise than this gun does. I've only had it for a month now, so I really can't testify to the durability of the gun. But it is stronger than my buddies" $700 Snap-On 1/2 inch gun. I'm sold. Great product!!! I'll be buying the 3/4 and the 3/8 next.

Michael A - 9/13/2011

OK I am completely satisfied with My new NitroCat 1200k busted old rusted 3/4 inch leaf spring U bolts that the 2135timax wouldn't even turn,I am impressed and the 1200k is so quite ,Also working on a 66 Tornado the 2135 wound not turn the bolts on the torsion bar adjustment but guess what the 1200 k had no problem what so ever!"

steve adams - 7/22/2011

bought this gun straight out of tech school 2 years ago then went to a tire shop were they all laughed because they said "its so quiet and light, did u get that at toys r us?" until it was popping off mac truck wheels like they were on a neon. was there for 6 months and went to a chevy dealer where im at now. Ive been looking for something this could not take out and finally found something. we had an old duramax diesel crank bolt that was frozen in the tech put his ir, a thundergun, a snap off, a mac, a 6 foot breaker bar and then the little old nitrocat which spun the engine then twisted the head right right off this gun is MEAN. that is the first time i have seen her not just rip one out am so happy i got this thing she has made me enough money to pay for her self again and again when they make one in 3/4's im on it.

Mike Davis - 5/10/2011

My Matco vendor showed me this gun when I told him that I needed a new 1/2". I wanted another IR-2135QTI but I tried this gun. I am very impressed with this gun, it hits harder than my IR ever did, and it was $200 cheaper. Another great product from AIRCAT.

Chris - 4/2/2011

I'am a John Deere tech. The shop 3/4" drive imacct (I R) wouldnt touch the bolts on the new 9630's hubs, so I bought the lattest and greatest 1/2" gun off the strap-on man lol. It still wouldnt do it. I got this gunn for $200.00 lesss than the one off the strap-on truck and no problems at all. It is light,hard hitting and quiet This is the best 1/2" impact gun I have ever owned. Thanks AIRCAT.

Kason - 3/30/2011

I was not sure how dependable this gun would be but it is a great impact gun!!! I had some problems with it being defective in reverse, and talked to the warranty person, via telephone, and he told me to send it to them and they would put a beefyer valve spring in it. I sent it on thursday and got it back tuesday night. It was awesome!! I also talked to the MAC guy and they sell the same gun on his truck.. It just sayes MAC on it.. I got it for 120 dollars cheeper from northern, and it comes with a 2 year warranty!! I really is a great air tool!!!!!!

Ben - 12/29/2010

This impact does everything as advertised and more. Very powerful. Use it in a City garage daily. Have used it to change 5/8" grade 8 plow blade bolts when we used to use a 3/4" drive impact. Very well pleased with this impact. Recommend it highly.

BigTruckMechanic - 12/2/2010

I work in a Big Truck shop. When I first showed up with my NitroCat my coworkers made fun of how light and quiet it was. When I would see them struggling with tough starter and shock bolts I offered up my NitroCat and much to their surprise it did what their high dollar big name brand impacts wouldn't. Now they borrow it regularly. Those skeptics don't make fun anymore and want one for themselves.

j302 - 12/2/2010

very powerful 1/2 gun. I have been able to use it in places that i would usually have to get out a 3/4 gun. it also seems to have a lot less vibration when hammering on stuck nuts and bolts. it is also quieter than many other impacts out there.

Angelo - 10/9/2010

Bought this gun a month ago. So far I love it. It does everything as advertised. Just yesterday i put it to the real test, taking off a nut a snap on, 2135max, and cp gun wouldn't even budge. Not only did it take it off, it didn't even hesitate while doing so. Anyway, as long as this gun lasts me, I'll be more than happy. Only thing left to test is its reliability. Hope it lasts as long as I need it!

JJM - 10/8/2010

This thing is the most quite impact wrench in my shop. It's also very strong and has low vibration.

Robert - 9/16/2010

I am a diesel mechanic and I have used this daily and it is awesome. It can take off nuts/ bolts with no problem even when other 3/4" drive impacts cant. I can walk around with it all day because it's so light. A++

Wayne B - 9/9/2010

Bought one of your NitroCat 1200K impact wrenches due to not being able to remove the pinion nut on a Dana 80 with my Ingersol Thundergun. I am impressed, will be using to rebuild same due to destroyed bearings in the Dana Differential. Still can't get over how quiet and powerful it is. Do NOT use for tires, too powerful, and the lowest dot is too high to impact for more than a fraction of a second. I checked with torque wrench.

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