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1/2" Impact Wrench



  • Most powerful 1/2" impact in it's class!
  • Hard hitting twin hammer mechanism
  • 1,295 (ft-lb) loosening torque
  • Durable composite housing
  • Patented ergonomically designed handle
  • Patented quiet tuned exhaust (86 Decibels)
  • Patented easy operation flip lever forward and reverse


  • Square Drive (in.)
  • Air Cons. (CFM)
  • Bolt Capacity (in.)
  • Air Inlet (in.) NPT/BSP
  • Rec. Hose Size (in.)
  • Weight (lbs.)
  • Length (in.)
  • Free Speed (RPM)
  • Impacts Per Minute (IPM)
  • Max. Torque (ft-lb)

21 Customer Reviews

JAMAL - 1/31/2018

It has been few months since I started using it. I'm quite satisfied with it.

Fernando - 9/10/2017

Heavy equipment mechanic by trade, in the shop we have 7 mechanics, they all have guns from snap on to ingersoll rand titianum, snap on being the worst, this gun keeps up with the IR no problem. Taking off old rusty 3/4 size bolts with some struggle, usually bolts of that size require a 3/4 drive gun. It's a quite little beast, next gun I buy from air cat is going to be the 1600.

AutoTech - 11/8/2016

This is a great impact wrench! I haven't come across a suspension bolt or lug nut that this impact couldn't take off. The power settings are useful for putting lug nuts/nuts/bolts on without over tightening them.

Happy - 10/11/2016

I just got this gun to take off the harmonic balancer bolts on one of my cars. I have to tell you that I'm very happy with it. Broke the bolt like nothing. I tried a few other impact guns which did not break the bolt. This did, so money well spent and took me only a few seconds

Dish doctor - 1/6/2014

I am a very experienced auto technician with 4 ase certifications. I buy a lot of tools but Iam very picky with what I buy. I have three 1/2 impact guns. Ir thunder gun, snap on mg 725, and air cat 1150. I oil all my guns daily, and I never drop them or lay them on the floor. I use all my guns for on different occasions, depends on the car, how my wrist feels, and how much torque is needed. The thunder gun I use for a lot of front end parts, and cars with steel rims. the snap on I use with my bearing press tool and axle nuts, and big heavy duty trucks. The air cat it my daily driver, fast , easy on my wrist, and easy on my ears. It's a good gun, I highly recommend if u know how to determine how much torque is needed, cause it will break a stud in a blink of a eye. My only problem is the specs I think their kind off on the torque rating. My snap on mg725 is rated at 800ft pound torque and the air cat 1150 is rated at over a 1000ft pound torque. On several occasions the air cat crapped out when using a swivel to loosen strut bolts when doing a wheel alignment to adjust camber angle, but the snap on mg725 had no problem loosing the bolts. So moreover it's a great gun for everyday use but it's not as strong as it's advertised

Juan Leche - 10/23/2013

This impact gun is awesome! Everyone in the shop is jealous of how great it works and how much less it cost compared to the guns they spent a fortune on from the tool trucks. Out performs my buddy's IR Timax! And its made in the great USA!

Michael Roberson - 6/3/2013

I have been an automotive tech for 20 year and have had all the big bad boy guns out there , and im here to tell you this is the best,power,fell,low noise,and price . I would tell anyone to buy this gun . Love it . Thanks AIRCAT

Mr. Clark - 5/28/2013

The IR 2135Qtimax is what the majority of people compare this impact wrench to, and after purchasing and using the Aircat 1150 impact wrench on a daily basis in a professional shop, I can honestly say that this impact wrench exceeds the performance of the IR for half the price. This Aircat 1150 is a bit heavier and just a bit bigger than the IR, but this is because of the heavier duty internal parts that the IR lacks. I've heard people complain that the controls are not user friendly because they require two hands to change settings, but this is not true. All the settings can easily be changed with the flick of your thumb. I've also heard people complain that there is only one setting for reverse. This is also not true. The reverse setting consists of the entire space tot he left of the first forward setting, and gradually increases power the farther left you move the lever. As advertised, it's extremely quiet compared to other top impact wrenches in the industry, and it definitely has all the power it's advertised to have. However, I will say this. If you're looking for the fastest impact wrench, this is not it. The free speed listed in the owner's manual is only 7500RPM, compared to the IR's 9300RPM.

Bottom line, the 1150 is everything that's advertised and you will not be disappointed. Plus, it comes with a factory 2 year warranty. I haven't come across any other quality impact wrench that offer that. The IR only comes with a 1 year warranty.

Oh yes.. my entire air tool collection is slowly but surely being converted to Aircat.

E. Paskey - 5/2/2013

This makes me feel I wasted my money on my el cheapo 1/2 impact. It is quiet and powerful. It spun the harmonic balancer bolts and crank bolt off my '96 Corvette LT1 like they weren't even on tight. And since it is pretty quiet in comparison to my old impact, I don't have to worry about aggravating the neighbors. I wish I had something like this years ago

Eric Olander - 5/2/2013

I wasn't sure about buying this impact wrench. I was considering the IR wrenches which are great tools, but the comparable IR 2135Ti wrench was about twice the cost. I didn't go for the kevlar Aircat because I wanted the proven technology of the twin hammer design. Not to say the kevlar technology is inferior or bad, I just don't know enough about it. Anyway - this gun a SICK! I love it! SO quite and SO powerful. There really is not downside to this wrench. I read a few reviews where a guy said it was so quiet that he thought it would be weak and then he returned it for a loud IR gun...LOL. This thing sheared bolts that were frozen - grade 8 bolts. SICK TORQUE! It also has 3 setting for tightening, the lowest was about 80lbs. which was perfect for the lug nuts on my wifes subi. It is very light, strong and quite.

phil - 3/3/2013

fantastic,a few guys i work with have aircats and love them and i tried it and had to have one for myself

Gary Little - 2/6/2013

This impact wrench is awesome ! I bought if after my old name brand 231 air wrench began to lose some of its muscle after 10 years of use. It would still do most jobs like tire rotations and other odd jobs, but would not loosen mower blades on bush hog mowers and fasteners on heavier equipment. This Air Cat will rip those nuts loose with no problem at all. If you use the Air Cat for automotive wheels be very careful, you can wring off lug bolts with it in a heartbeat. Use the lowest setting which will still torque lugs to 200 ft lbs, which is twice what is normally required for most wheels. Some Full size half ton pickups require 150 ft lbs on the lugs, while smaller cars usually are around 80 lbs. It is always a good idea to snug them up and use a click type torque wrench to finish them up with. This air wrench is so quiet you would think it has no muscle, but you quickly find out different. The only thing I wish was different is that it should have more than 3 settings for torque, and wished it was push button forward and reverse. That is the ONLY negative thing I can say about the Air Cat. I would highly recommend this to anyone that needs a STRONG air wrench without breaking the bank. I have a friend who swears by Air Cat. He uses them 5 days a week on his job and has had his for over 4 years no problems at all. He has the 1/2" impact, 3/8 impact, and the air ratchet. He said if they ever wear out, he will buy another.

mitchelfairbanks - 2/6/2013

I am going to heavy equipment school. I bought this, figuring i don’t need a Snap on MG725 or and IR thundergun, because if i need more torque, i will get the 1" IR from the shop. I’ve used the mg 725 with a headache, and it sucks. this thing has good torque when you feed it good air, and doesn't require earplugs.

At my house, we have a 3gal porter cable for finishing nailers and such. tried the gun with that, 50ft long 1/4 hose, 95psi at the regulator. it sheared a 5/16 diameter bolt after 25 seconds of hammering. at school, with the 3/8 line, it has plenty of power.

if this is not the biggest gun you will have access to, I highly recommend it. can’t say anything for durability of mine, but at work we had the Mac-repackaged one, and it was a couple years old and still doing great. you wouldn't run an engine without oil, so don't run guns without oil. Should last, that simple.

supposedly the twin hammer is more durable long term than the nitrocat twin clutch. I have no evidence for this, but that is why i got the twin hammer.

Jordan Stewart - 1/20/2013

This gun is awesome. At the shop I work at everyone else has snap-on guns. They payed twice as much and my aircat runs circles around theirs.

Matt Bessette - 11/28/2012

This is a great automotive impact wrench. very impressed with the power. deffinetly worth the money. nothing but good to say about this gun.thanks again for the great products, and there even built in america.

SamH - 11/8/2012

Umm..... HOLY CRAP this impact has some serious power!!!
I am a semi truck mechanic, I have owned an ingersoll composite 1/2" for 6 yrs and thought impacts could never get better than that, Aircat has proved me wrong.
I only bought this impact to get me by till I could get my other one fixed but now my ingersoll is my paper weight,
This impact is fast, quiet, light, and extremely powerful, I can take off 33mm lug nuts with no problem, or 15/16 shock bolts - yeah - this impact owns them.
Great job Aircat

y2funkdb - 9/30/2012

"Very powerful, very fast, adjustable regulator
AirCat makes excellent air tools. More torque than IR"

master mechanix - 8/26/2012

The Best , says it all ! I have used big name tool guns for more money and have to tell you this impact has it all ! Strongest ,quiet ,lite ,and most important price .

Bryan d. - 7/25/2012

Just want to say thanks to bob and rob at aircat for the speedy and great customer service on my air tool, I appreciate it. And thanks for the hat and t-shirt.

Bryan d. - 7/14/2012

Great impact wrench, deffinately recommend to anyone in the automotive industry. I work at tire kingdom and I just recently purchased the 1150 and I have the quietest and most powerful impact in my shop. I will absolutely be sticking with aircat on all my air tools.

Bryan d. - 7/14/2012

I recently purchased the new aircat 1150 it's the quietest and most powerful 1/2" impact out. Little to no vibration, I love it

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